Bowl Planter with Succulents

Introducing our charming “Bowl Planter with Succulents”, a delightful combination of elegance and low-maintenance greenery. This exquisite product features a stylish bowl-shaped planter, carefully selected to complement the natural beauty of the succulents it holds. Within this compact and effortlessly chic arrangement, you’ll find an assortment of captivating succulent varieties, each chosen for its unique textures and colors. These hardy and resilient plants require minimal care, making them an ideal choice for busy individuals or those new to gardening. Whether displayed as a centerpiece on a table or added as a touch of green to a shelf, our Bowl Planter with Succulents brings a refreshing and calming atmosphere to any space. Embrace the beauty of nature with this eye-catching and easy-to-maintain product, bringing a touch of tranquility and natural allure to your home or office. Planter size small Diameter – 12cm Height – 12cm (16 cm including succulents) Planter size medium Diameter – 19cm Height – 12cm (19 cm including succulents) Planter size large Diameter – 24cm Height – 20cm (26 cm including succulents)



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